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Enhance Your Balcony Space


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Living at The Residences at Great Pond gives you access to tons of awesome amenities, one being the oversized sliders in your apartment that lead to an outdoor balcony or patio area. Sadly, apartment balcony areas are probably the most underutilized spaces. Well, we are here to help you change that! In this post, we will be giving you some suggestions on how to turn your balcony area into a cozy hangout place or a dynamic outdoor garden this fall here in Randolph, MA.


1. Start from the bottom.

The floor on your balcony might be plain and unappealing at first glance, but that also means its neutrality lets you decorate to your heart’s content. Find a cool patterned or colorful rug to give your patio some pizazz! Try to find one that is easy to clean. You’ll want to measure your balcony space beforehand to ensure your rug fits well and looks great. Check out some of these patterned rugs from Target, available in several different sizes.


2. Choose the right outdoor furniture.

Add some comfortable seating for you to use while you enjoy your space. Look for options with cushions and pillows. Take a look at Wayfair for a wide selection of outdoor furniture and decor. Maybe consider one of these nap-worthy outdoor daybeds. Hammocks are another great option, especially if you don’t have a lot of space.


3. String hanging lights.

Add a string of lights to brighten up your balcony space and make it a great evening hangout spot. Consider buying battery powered lights so you won’t have to struggle with finding an outlet to plug them into. Also consider some cool solar powered outdoor lights to save energy and harvest the natural power of the sun.


4. Add plants.

Plants make a space feel more relaxing and alive. Consider adding some easy-to-care-for plants. Add some hanging plants to maximize space.


Use your creative liberty to turn your balcony into something incredible and completely your own. Have any other tips for transforming your balcony here in Randolph, MA? We would love to hear them. Share any additional tips or suggestions with us in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!