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Enjoying Cinematic Evenings

A couple drinking wine and watching a movie
Even with all the fun things to do in Randolph, MA during the fall, you still need time for rest in your apartment at The Residences at Great Pond. Spend a cozy evening at home here in your comfortably air conditioned apartment on your own couch watching a great movie. Even if you’re an active film buff, there are always plenty of gems worth rewatching or just waiting to be discovered, right from your living room! Best of all, popcorn out of the microwave and drinks out of the fridge are far cheaper fare than what you’ll find at a theater.

So slide up in front of your TV this month with one of these movies to have a great night in!

Inside Out

Who doesn’t love Pixar? In this imaginative movie, emotions come to life as full-fledged characters. Focusing on a young girl named Riley, the movie shows her growing and developing as a young girl adjusting to adolescence and her family’s new move. And along with her grow the emotions within. This clever, funny, and emotional tale is perfect for viewers of any age.

Mad Max: Fury Road

A frantic masterpiece of action and storytelling, Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth film in the Mad Max series. However, it stands alone as a cohesive separate story within the radical post-apocalyptic universe introduced in the older films. Filled with amazing practical effects and following an engaging story, it's the perfect way to spend a fall evening.

District 9

This original sci-fi movie came out a few years ago and was largely overlooked. However, it has developed a fanatic fanbase, and for good reason. It's an introspective, documentary-style film following Wikus Van De Merwe as he deals with the aliens in District 9, a camp managed by the local government where aliens formerly escaping their dying planet now live.

What are your favorite movies to watch at home, especially in the fall? Let us know in the comments below!