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Flower Arrangements for Your Apartment

The Residences at Great Pond Blog, Randolph, MA  Bring springtime cheer to your apartment in preparation for the season by trying these arrangement.

Making your home your own is just one of the many fun aspects of moving into a new apartment. Apartments at The Residences at Great Pond are the perfect backdrop for doing this. With vaulted ceilings, oversized windows, and scenic views, your decorations can really pop and get the spotlight they deserve.


Today, we’re focusing on decorating with greenery. Try some of these flower arrangements to use in your home here in Randolph, MA.


- Dress up your table with a spring tablescape. This idea is a pretty simple and slightly rustic way to add a little glam to your table. Find a planter box at your favorite craft or gardening store in Randolph, MA. Then, simply fill it with a few mason jars or small vases of your favorite fresh cut flowers. It’s an easy way to show off (or gracefully fake!) your green thumb!


- Make a spring wallflowers sign for a beautiful backdrop to your home. This idea from A Beautiful Mess gracefully shouts, “spring.” You’ll have to forgo the fresh flowers in favor of fake ones so you can make the backdrop, but this is a great idea because your craft will last, giving you the perfect decoration to use again and again.


- Make an umbrella wreath for your door. If you love to decorate your door but you don’t like the hassle of making or buying the perfect wreath, try this simple tutorial for displaying the gracefulness of tulips in a seasonal umbrella. It’s a great way to remember that all the upcoming April showers will bring May flowers to the area.


What are your favorite flower arrangements to make this time of year? What plants have you had the most success keeping? Share your experiences with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy making your indoor garden this month in preparation for spring.