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Outdoor Games for a Relaxing Summer


The Residences at Great Pond Blog, Randolph, MA  Enjoy the great outdoors by playing a few outdoor games with your friends this summer. Try these ideas!


Summer is quickly approaching here in Randolph, MA! Get ready for the clear weather and longer days by planning a few games to play, in or out of the apartment community at The Residences at Great Pond. Today our blog has suggestions for outdoor games you can play with your loved ones this summer.


Sponge Ball Toss

This is a great game to play with people of every age. You can make sponge balls at your home in just a few easy steps. You’ll need plain sponges (4 sponges per ball), scissors, and rubber bands. Cut the sponges into three strips lengthwise. Then layer the strips with six on top of the other six. Lastly, wrap the strips together with a rubber band around the middle of the stacks. Pull the strips out and apart to create a full star shape. You can use these sponges for dodgeball or simply to toss around with kids on a hot day.


Tag Variations

Who would think that running around chasing others could be so much fun? Take a step back to your childhood and get a group together to play a tag game. We found this awesome resource that has three pages of tag game variations.


Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag

If you don’t think you can take the midday or late-afternoon heat, try a game that works well in the evening, when the sun has lowered and you feel a little less sluggish from the heat. Use large glow sticks in place of your flag for this easy twist on a classic game.


What are your favorite outdoor games to play during the summer? Let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy these and any other games you play at our community or elsewhere in the city this summer. Have fun!