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Packing for the Holidays

a suitcase packed with clothes

When you’re headed out of Randolph, MA for the holidays, you’ve got lots of planning and preparing to do. From purchasing tickets to mapping out your trip, there’s also a big chance you’ll forget something. The last thing you’ll want to do is show up to your destination unprepared. We want to help you arrive prepared and ready to celebrate!

That brings us to our first tip — make a list! Seeing your packing or to-do list visually is a great way to remember just what you need. Crossing stuff off of your list is satisfying and encourages you to keep working, too.

To remember all the toiletries you’ll need, run through your morning or night routine in your head. You might not think about face wash because it’s always right there at the sink or in the shower, but you won’t want to leave home without it! What items do you need to bring the full-size bottle of? Are there any toiletries you can get in a travel size?

When packing clothes, think about what you can re-wear. If you have a special event to attend, make sure you have the appropriate clothing for it. Some pajamas can double as workout clothes, and a scarf can be a useful accessory or can even be used as a blanket on a chilly flight. Clothes that can do double duty will save you space and help you out a lot! Look at weather predictions for the location you’re traveling to and pack accordingly.

Don’t forget downtime. Bringing a book or having movies on an electronic device is super helpful. This can be used as entertainment on a long flight or even an activity while waiting for dinner to cook! Don’t try to “get some work done” while you’re away unless you’ve got a hard deadline.

We hope you have a safe and successful trip if you’re leaving the Residences at Great Pond apartment community. Thanks for reading the blog!